More Subtle Energy Shifts

We, the Mountains of the World, exaggerated our communication regarding the energy impact for a Hybrid to shift from setting GOALS to thinking INTENTIONS. We did this as an example of what may appear, from a Human perspective, to be of no consequence. 

For the Hybrid you, there is a significant energy and outcome consequence in making this shift and the further shifts We recommend.  You can easily apply the previous conversation as they relate to the difference between Goals and Intention to the subtle shifts we will be explaining now.

For each of the subtle shifts, We will indicate what We perceive to be the difference for you as an aware and awake Hybrid. 

3 More Subtle Shifts

  • Purpose – Intention
    • Hybrids do not have a Purpose as envisioned in the Human perspective.  Rather Hybrids have an Earth Intention(s).  These Intentions can change as the degrees of ‘aware and awake’ expand.  In this context Intentions are from the perspective of the Soul…not the conscious Hybrid in a Human body.  The Soul’s perspective is far beyond that of the human consciousness so please do not confuse the different uses of this same word.  The human language is a bit restrictive (from Our point of view).
  • Belief – Principle or Idea
    • Hybrids do not have Beliefs (again as used in the Human paradigm). Beliefs are often fraught with dogma of another era. Truths that may have been accurate at that time and may no longer be accurate and have not been reassessed.  Rather, from your Hybrid perspective, you have Principles, potentially referred to as ‘guiding principles’ that support you as you move through your Earth iteration.  These principles (also described as Ideas) are founded on what you as a Soul know from prior iterations and are in alignment with the Soul intentions you have for this Earth iteration. 
  • Consistent – Fluid
    • These subtle differences in your Earth living as a Hybrid create another difference for you as compared to those with only Human Soul DNA.  That is one of a more fluid life.  While ‘consistency’ and ‘long term’ tend to be highly prized by Humans, your tendency is to seek (whether consciously or unconsciously) a wide array of experiences. 

We recommend you begin to understand your Earth life from these different perspectives and to begin to adjust the verbiage you use if only in your own thoughts.

On to more subtle shifts…

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