Even More Subtle Energy Shifts

As We, the Mountains of the World, discuss the use of different terms, be aware that the use of these different terms in reference to your own life, will make a profound difference in your conscious ability to accept your Hybrid-ness. 

The awareness of the energy difference as lived by a Hybrid on the Earth plane are important in aligning more to your Hybrid Skills and Talents.

Which brings us to the next 3 Subtle Shifts…

  • Talent – Ability
    • We have referred to your ‘Hybrid Talents’ and the benefit of developing those talents into skills.  We used this word as We had not yet explained these energy differences.  Humans tend to use the term ‘talents’ in relation to a skill that is innate to the individual.  Talents for Hybrids relate to that those abilities which all Hybrids have to one degree or another.  The word We recommend for Hybrids as compared to talents (which relate to the entire Hybrid population) is Ability.  Each Hybrid has unique abilities which align with their Soul Intentions. It is the responsibility of the Hybrid to develop both the Hybrid Talents and their own unique Abilities.
  • Expertise – Knowing
    • We believe this subtle energy shift is obvious given the connection Aware and Awake Hybrids have with the Universal information.  For a Human, they rely on their expertise in each situation.  That expertise may be accurate for the situation or not…depending upon which expertise the Human chooses for the information.  Hybrids, due to their connection with the Universal knowing – Universal information – only need to ‘check in’ with their Knowing and honor the information they receive.  Note – the second action seems to be the most difficult!
  • Power – Influence
    • We highly recommend Hybrids shift their understanding of how the energy of relationship to other Hybrids and Humans works.  The relationships are most affected through the energy of ‘Influence’ as compared to the Human perspective of the impact of ‘Power’.  When a Hybrid shifts their intention of change as it relates to a situation in which other souls (whether Hybrid or Human) are involved, they will experience a much higher degree of ‘success’ when they use ‘influence’ instead of ‘power’.  As a notation – Hybrids, until their Human programming, are natural influencers.  It is only with the Human programming that most lost their awareness of the impact of influence.

We recommend you read and re-read this information and apply the thought process We shared as it relates to Goals and Intentions.  With this information, begin to apply your new awareness to your everyday life.

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