And Even More Energy Shifts

We, the Mountains of the World, have two additional verbiage energy shifts to recommend.  By now We appreciate that for some of you, Our further explanations are not necessary.  In fact, you may have considered these shifts yourself!  For others, We will continue to pontificate.

  • Work (drudgery/labor) – Create
    • For a Human, and you all know this for you are well versed at living as a Human, the term work is most often used in relationship to labor and often drudgery.  The energy, therefore, of the word ‘work’ is of low frequency.  Rather than using this term for the tasks you, a Hybrid, perform, We are recommending a shift to the word ‘create’.  This term carries a much higher frequency and a bit of playfulness.  Again, a subtle shift that impacts how you perform any task.
  • Success (accomplishment) – Realization (awareness)
    • Finally, We also recommend you shift from the term ‘success’ to ‘realization’.  Success is about accomplishment and often has an inference of ‘success over’.  Realization speaks to awareness and learning.  It also does not require a specific set of skills to be achieved. Rather, it requests a use of your Hybrid knowing when considering all that you, the Hybrid you, bring to the world.

Again, these are subtle energy shifts and become most influential when practiced in alignment with your Hybrid knowing. 

They are for you to

  • become aware of and practice…
  • so your Hybrid living, in a Human world…
  • is easier and more valuable for…

The Divine/The All!

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