Setting Hybrid Intentions

We, the Mountains of the World, wish to ask you, the Hybrid you, to reframe the process of setting intentions for the new year. 

In lieu of ‘setting a new year’s resolution’ We encourage you to:

  • Identify the intentions you have as your Hybrid self for the next time iteration (your definition of time iteration),
  • Reframe your thoughts from ‘goals’ to ‘intentions’ (the Hybrid energy term).
  • Attach and connect (link and engage) any emotion to the Intention.
  • Then begin to act upon your intentions AS IF they had already been achieved.

During this timeframe of the Earth phase, any Hybrid who sets an intention and then actus upon the intention As If it is occurring and the outcome is ensured.  How it manifests, the colors, textures and impact each have, will be determined by the emotion you attach and connect to the intention.

Begin your Earth year in this mode; notice what is occurring, which of your intentions are becoming realities; reform your energy around those that may not be occurring or in the creation process; then repeat the process until You, the Hybrid you, begins to appreciate the intention process.

We perceive this to be a wonderful time to practice intention setting.

Begin Now!!!!!

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