Listening as a Hybrid

Attach and Connect – Link and Engage!

We, the Mountains of the World, make these references.  Those of you using your human listening may well become confused…aren’t the Mountains saying the same thing? Isn’t ‘attach’ and ‘connect’ the same thing?  What is the difference between ‘link’ and ‘engage’…aren’t they nearly the same?????

Those of you listening with your Hybrid knowing will not become confused for you, the Hybrid you, will be able to discern the statement and the difference. 

For a Hybrid, even the limited human language speaks poetically and even mystically at times. For a Hybrid, it is not the work as much as the energy of the word.  Thus the poetic and mystical aspects of a very limited language…any of the Earth languages.  For although the Earth is a free-will Universal location, there were certain aspects put into place to ‘corral’ the human mind.  One of those were the selections of languages used on the Earth plane.

If the future, if you find what We are saying is confusing, We recommend you listen with your ‘Hybrid ears’ and put your ‘Human ears’ away.

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