Why Intentions…Not Goals

It seems there is more to be explained regarding the difference between Hybrid Intentions and Human Goals.

We, the Mountains of the World, offer the following basis of understanding and explanations.

  • The Universe supports both Humans and Hybrids (never forget this fact!)
  • Due to a Hybrid’s Luman Soul DNA (no matter the amount), there is a different relationship with the Universe.
  • This different relationship creates a different support system for the Aware and Awake Hybrid.

Given this basis, let Us move forward.

  • Goals are Human based.
  • Goals are met through Human thinking and will power.
  • Goals are limited and the Universe supports to the limitation prescribed by the Human setting the Goal.

Note, We said ‘Human setting the Goal’.  Goals are not set by Souls…rather, by Humans who have souls and who typically do not access their wisdom.

  • Intentions are Hybrid based and most effective when proposed by an Aware and Awake Hybrid.
  • Intentions are met through Hybrid vision and allowing.
  • Intentions are unlimited as the Universe supports and potentially expands them based upon the Hybrid’s greater good.
  • Said differently, if an Aware and Awake Hybrid sets an intention using a Human mind (most typical), the Universe expands that intention in alignment of the Hybrid’s greater good.
  • Thus an intention can be simply set and exponentially experienced.

We hope this explains a bit more about Goals and Intentions.  More to follow!

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