The Impact of Intentions

As you might imagine, if the Universe supports you with your Hybrid Intentions, the impacts could be quite awesome, inspiring and ‘out-of-control!’.

We, the Mountains of the World, would like to share a bit about Hybrid Intentions, the role the Universe often plays, the frequency of intending Intentions, and what to notice and expect.

We have communicated the power of Hybrid Intentions.  Now a bit about a recommended process.  As with all recommended processes, they are intended to provide you, the Hybrid you, a bit of guidance.  Once you have the feeling, the process is intended to be recreated by you in the manner which best suits the Hybrid you.

Before We share the ‘practice process’, We would like to remind you of a few aspects of Hybrid Intentions.

  1. Hybrid intentions are created by an Aware and Awake Hybrid
  2. Hybrid intentions are NOT determined through Human Programming. 
  3. Hybrid intentions can be expanded or contracted by the Universe.

With this awareness, We will now proceed to the recommended ‘practice process’.

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