Hybrid Intentions – Practice Process

As We shared, there is a ‘practice process’ to assist you, the Hybrid you, in understanding the power of your intentions.  Through this understanding, it is Our hope that you will be come more intentional and diligent in setting intentions.

The process We recommend:

  • Set daily intentions
  • Visualize them and their outcome
    • This visualization may be as simple as writing them down and engaging the words of the intention
    • Your visualizing may take the path of meditating on the outcome intended
  • Notice the events of the day and unique thoughts, interactions, actions
  • Relate events that may seem inconsequential to one or more of your intentions
  • Through this process, begin to recognize
    • When thoughts, feelings and actions support your intentions
    • When the Universe expands your intentions
    • When your intentions become contracted
      • This contraction occurs when the timing of the intention is not in alignment with Your path
      • A contraction may also occur when the intention is created through Human programming and is no longer in alignment with the Hybrid you

Set – Visualize – Notice – Relate – Recognize!


We, The Mountains of the World, now have a second website – http://murmurs of mountains.com where We share the latest book (Human, Hybrid or Luman, Becoming a Positive Force in Transitional Times) This book is available in both e-book and print on demand at Amazon.com https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09QF79RQ9?ref_=pe_3052080_397514860 and is an organized compilation of the first two Earth years of blogs on Humans, Hybrid and Lumen.  This site also offers tools such as a Hybrid Assessment tool (https://www.murmursofmountains.com/tools) and a contact form to connect with BE Joye, who is offering Hybrid Coaching sessions.

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