Final Comments on Living a Non-Linear Experience

We, the Mountains of the World, remind you (and Us) that you have lived the vast majority of your current iteration not knowing you are Hybrid in such a conscious manner.  This has prompted many of you to attempt to explain away your many Hybrid Skills and Talents. 

It is now time to embrace them, to honor them (and yourself) and to begin living a non-linear experience…full of possibilities, time stoppages, and many other ‘delights’.

Knowing Hybrids are most affected (and the degree of Luman Soul DNA determines how quickly and to what degree you are affected) AND knowing that Humans will feel the effects and affects, the sooner you are able to model comfort with the ‘lack of consistency’ the better for all.

  • You are a Hybrid.
  • You did not come to lead a normal linear existence.
  • You are a role model for Humans.
  • By being a role model, you reduce the Fear quotient!

Once you align yourself to non-linear living, We have great faith you will enjoy it immensely.  It makes each day a new dynamic experience!

What more could any Hybrid desire?????


We, The Mountains of the World, now have a second website – https://murmurs of where We share the latest book (Human, Hybrid or Luman, Becoming a Positive Force in Transitional Times) This book is available in both e-book and print on demand at and is an organized compilation of the first two Earth years of blogs on Humans, Hybrid and Lumen.  This site also offers tools such as a Hybrid Assessment tool (

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