Time Out!

We, the Mountains of the World, would like to speak a bit about ‘Time’.

We and the other Cosmic Beings continually hear Humans and you who know you are Hybrid (of the Earth plane) indicate that Cosmic time and Earth time are different.

Let Us be the first to inform you that they are not!

We fully understand Earth time…perhaps now exactly in the manner you do (as We do not perceive it as linear) and We (and all other Cosmic Beings) fully understand it.

What you are missing is the ‘Free Will’ portion of the Earth plane you have chosen for your current incarnation. The few ‘Free Will’ locations have the added element of the souls choosing their timing.

This added element creates a need for Us (and the other Cosmic Beings) to create a ‘lead time’ needed for your co-creation.

Otherwise, the event will not happen. 

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