Time Out! Continued

Let Us speak more about the lead times necessary for some of desired events to be created.  These lead times can be a few seconds (in which case We simply provide the thought) to many, many years (in which case we create the possible future scenarios to be considered).

Were We to say, “This will happen in 5 Earth years”, We have great faith you would promptly forget about it due to the timeline indicated!  Our experience is that the Human race (including Earth bound Hybrids) tend to have a very short window of planning.

So We say ‘Now” when you (yes, you) need to be considering it NOW for the event to be made manifest in what We know to be an optimum timing…which may be years in the future.

You have heard herd the phrase: Thoughts Become Things.  This is true, particularly for a ‘Free Will’ location.

For an event to manifest, you need to be

  • Thinking about it
  • Anticipating it
  • Envisioning it
  • Embracing it

Otherwise, the event will not happen. 

So, it is not Our lack of understanding about Earth time…it is Your lack of attention to something in what you consider to be the distant future.

We, the Mountains of the World, share this now, so You begin to better prepare for future eventualities with a greater understanding of Our communication processes.

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