Optimizing the Psychosis of Unexplained Information

As We indicated in an earlier communication, what may appear to be a psychosis (an abnormal mental experiencing) is simply the effect of the frequency shift combined with your Hybrid Soul DNA (the Luman portion).

As We also indicated, what may appear as a ‘time warp’ is simply a new experiencing.  Something the purely human brain is unlikely to allow to register and which actually occurs all…We repeat…all of the time.

When you allow yourself to engage these different moments which seem (and are) out of linear time alignment, you begin to realize the information they are sharing.  Some of these moments would be defined by the human brain as past, present, and future. 

As a Hybrid in human form is working with the limitations and expectations of a human brain, this provides both challenges and opportunities.

The challenges are primarily in accepting different realities as they relate to time and space and in not becoming confused with the moment the body is experiencing.

The opportunities, once the challenges have been negated to a significant degree, is the ability to understand a broader perspective as you, the accepting Hybrid you, will be able to experience non-linear information and align it to known history and future possibilities.

Thus, this unexplained information can become quite beneficial in understanding the intentions of The Divine/The All.

We. The Mountains of the World, recommend you:

  • Experience different time-space moments with awareness.
  • Consider the possible ramifications of your experiencing.
  • Practice aligning these moments and possible ramifications into pattern or process.
  • Allowing this information to be beneficial to your expectations and actions.

This is one of the many benefits of being an Aware and Awake Hybrid as the frequency continues to be enhanced!


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