Optimizing the Psychosis of ‘The Claires’

As you become comfortable with non-linear time-space moments and practiced in piecing the information together of such, creating a bit of history and future awareness, you will find that you are, by definition becoming more adept at ‘The Claires’…clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience being the primary ‘Claires’.

It is easy to see how accepting and understanding what would have felt like a ‘time warp’ can easily lead to what appears to others as clairvoyance, clairsentience and/or clairaudience. 

What We, the Mountains of the World, wish to share is:

  • The connection between varying time-space moments and appearing to have psychic abilities is easy to understand.
  • The ability (or abilities) you are most comfortable with is an expression of your Luman Soul DNA.
  • Your accuracy is dependent upon the acceptance and practice of varying time-space moments and how you weave them together.
  • Your accuracy is also depending upon how much of your Human Ego you attempt to placate as you accept these new awarenesses.
    • If, you fall back to being your Human Ego, you will join the ranks of soothsaying psychics who do not have a clue.
    • If, instead, you align to your Hybrid knowing, utilizing this information for the good of All, you will truly be living as your Hybrid self.

We encourage you to live as your Hybrid self.  That is all We ask.

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